Hitman: Contracts

Hitman: Contracts

Stealth game where you take the role of a hired assassin
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Assassinate your target without killing anybody else and without raising any suspicions to get the maximum score on each mission. Use a wide variety of disguises, weapons and take advantage of the environment to achieve your goals.

Hitman: Contracts is the third release of the popular game starred by the bald-headed hired murderer codenamed 47 and can be thought of as an expansion pack--or a supplement--to the previous game. It features a tense and exciting stealth action gameplay, a very good style and really interesting, open-ended missions. The new missions are indeed diverse and are quite interesting. Most of Contracts' storyline takes place as a series of flashbacks since the game begins with 47 lying seriously injured and recalling many of the missions he has taken part of. The first mission in Hitman: Contracts occurs in the asylum where the genetically enhanced 47 was created and trained. Depending on which of the three difficulty modes you select -normal, expert, high- when you start to play, you can go through the linear series of missions in less than 10 hours, or you can spend twice as much time doing so. The game has some other remarkable aspects, which have been inherited from Hitman 2. For instance, like its predecessor, Hitman: Contracts provides you with a very helpful tactical map, which you can access just by pressing a button at any time. The patch Hitman Contracts 1.7 brings several fixes and improvements to the original release.

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